Product: Batman Arkham Knight 1:8 Scale Statue

Manufacturer: Silver Fox Collectibles - Official website

Game: Batman: Arkham Knight

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 750

Original Price: $549.99

UPC: 0796603669385


Silver Fox is honored & delighted to announce a new license with Warner Bros, for some of the worlds best known Video Games Series; Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, This is our first statue in the series 1/8 Scale Batman Arkham Knight Statue:

"I'm going to show The Arkham Knight what happens when he messes with my city."

Batman Arkham Knight. The Dark Knight must defend the city that he had sworn to protect, when all of his deadliest foes unite to destroy him on Halloween Night with Scarecrow leading the group of rogues. However, while dealing with Scarecrow's plan with the help of his allies, Batman must battle the mysterious ""Arkham Knight"" who seemed to have an unknown connection with the Caped Crusader. keep up to date on the delelopments of this series......

Batman stands an awsome 50cm tall and is 62cm widewith an exclusive base which has been beautifully sculpted with so much details. Comes with a Mini Print from Artist Leo Colapietro and an Authenticity Card...

This statue will be made of high quality polystone resin and each one will be Hand Painted and limited to 750 pieces worldwide. The RRP for this statue is $549.99. At this Pre Order Stage we are just taking a deposit of $250.00. The balance will become due 2 weeks before shipping.

Product Includes:
1 x Batman Statue
1 x Base
1 x Normal Head
1 x Angry Head
1 x Switch Out Hand with Batrangs
1 x Mini Print
1 x Authenticity Card


Sculptor: Maksym Anokhin
Concept Artist: Leo Colapietro

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