Product: Hito Kara Kuri Arkham Knight 7.2" Figure

Manufacturer: Flame Toys

Game: Batman: Arkham Knight

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Original Price: $208.00


Captured alive by The Joker, Jason Todd suffered cruel physical and mental torture. He was brainwashed to hold a deep-rooted grudge against Batman and fully intended to kill the vigilante after making him suffer. He later became the Arkham Knight, the mysterious commander of a vast militia of mercenaries. To defeat Batman, he allied himself with Scarecrow and managed to gather Gotham City's most powerful villains who invaded Gotham and forced its evacuation during the events of Batman: Arkham Knight.

From the famous DC game Batman: Arkham Knight, Flame Toys presents Arkham Knight in a new stylisation called Hito Kara Kuri! It is a fully painted, high-grade action figure standing around 18.5cm tall. Parts of the joints are made of die-cast so any action is stable without compromising great performance. There are over 80 points of articulation, enabling a wide range of dramatic poses.

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