Product: Pop! #331 Cagney Carnation (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Funko - Official website

Game: Cuphead

Developer: StudioMDHR

Released: 2018

Series: 1

Exclusive: Emerald City Comic Con - Official website


IRL flowers have been attacking us for years with their pollen, so it only seems appropriate for video game flowers to get in on the action.

This guy was originally an Emerald City Comic Con exclusive, but we got our hands on some. They didn't tell us how, and we didn't ask questions. We don't want to know. Man behind the curtain and all, you know.

Add a pretty little innocent flower to your collectibles shelf today with this POP! Cuphead Cagney Carnation. This is the boss as he appears at the start of the battle - this isn't even his final form!


This was also available at 2018 Spring Convention & Gamestop

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