Product: Slocum's Joe Clock

Manufacturer: Development Plus, Inc - Official website

Game / IP: Fallout

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $65.00


It’s always a great time for donuts and piping hot coffee. But if you need a little reminder and someone to join your snack time, the Fallout Slocum’s Joe Clock is your friend! It’s a replica of an in-game item of the same name, complete with moving eyes and arm.

- Analog wall clock
- Designed like a donut mascot with moving eyes and arm
- Replica of an in-game item of the same name
- With built-in mounting point (mounting hardware not included)

Requires Batteries
- 1x AA batteries for clock
- 4x AA batteries for eyes & arm
- Approx. battery life of 2 months
- Batteries not included with product
- Height: Approx. 12.5 in (31.75 cm)
- Material: ABS plastic
- Created by Development Plus Inc.


Give your settlement a Slocum’s Joe whimsy with this fun and functional replica. Found in Slocum’s Joe branches everywhere, this motion clock can now be part of your home decor, too. Apart from telling the time, Dough Boy can even join you for your coffee breaks. Just check out the video above to see his eyes move back and forth as he waves his cup of joe in the air. We’re sure the caffeine helps him maintain these movements, but he still needs a handful of AA’s to keep going.

Pick a good spot to display this eye-catching and simply entertaining clock. At over a foot tall, it’s a good enough size to tell the time from afar—and an unmissable presence that will make you smile.

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