Product: Wellworn Grove Trophy Replica, Golf Ball & Tee

Manufacturer: Limited Run Games - Official website

Game: Golf Story

Developer: Sidebar Games

Released: 2018

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition (Winner's)

Limited Quantity: 4000

Original Price: $79.99


Golf Story on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. Region free. Winner's Edition is limited to 4,000 copies available worldwide! This beautiful Winner's Edition was designed by our friends at Fangamer.

It includes:
- Golf Story physical game for the Nintendo Switch. Region Free
- Full-color booklet
- An 11 x 17 inch poster with art from GALF, the mini-game within Golf Story
- A replica of the game's Wellworn Grove trophy
- A Wellworn Grove golf ball and tee set
- A Tidy Park membership card
- An incredible windowed box to proudly display the trophy

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