Product: Pizza Face Mask

Manufacturer: Red Central - Official website

Game: Watch Dogs: Legion

Developer: Ubisoft

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Edition: Promotional


Our last #watchdogslegion mask to share with you goes by the name of Pizza Face.

Here’s the inspiration behind the mask that was created for @ubisoft: “One of my kids came home with a pizza pillow they made at school, which I thought was cool. It gave me the idea to try and make a pizza face with the skull. It might be cheesy, but everybody loves pizza!”


This was a joint art project between Ubisoft and RED Central. As a long time creative partner RED was asked if they would like to turn their hand to the latest game from Ubisoft and see where they could take it. Whilst it was a great creative project and opportunity (and a lot of fun!), its primary purpose was to help raise interest in the upcoming launch of Watchdogs: Legion.

RED created nine different masks all based on the 'Ded Coronet’ collector's edition of the game and built as one-off pieces. These unique designs were then displayed at multiple game exhibits in Sydney, Osaka, Toronto, Paris.

The 'Memento Mori' mask was selected as a unique prize give-away in conjunction with Nvidia. There were also plans to do more retail in-store promotion and other events with the masks but, as with so many things, the pandemic restrictions meant they did not go ahead.

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